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Sensory Pop It | Electronic Edition

Sensory Pop It | Electronic Edition

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The original creators of The Sensory Pop-It!
#1 fidget solution to manage low attention spans and ADHD.

A thrilling sensory experience that combines the joy of popping with the excitement of speed. This innovative device offers a multitude of benefits, including sensory exploration, focus enhancement, and anxiety relief.
It has also other benefits such as:

Reduces Screen Time
 📱: It provides a hands-on, interactive experience that helps swap it with electronic devices or video game consoles.

Improves Focus 🧠 :  Sensory Pop It is especially beneficial for those who struggle with maintaining focus during work or study.

Relieves Stress 😌 : A great stress reliever, similar to the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap! Repeated tactile stimulation helps to release tension and reduce anxiety, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

With adjustable speed settings, players can customize the intensity of the game, challenging themselves in:

Timed mode - where every second counts.

Memory mode - presents increasingly difficult sequences to pop, testing your cognitive skills.

Scoring mode - allows you to measure your abilities and track your progress. 

Multiplayer mode - you can compete against friends and family, fostering social interaction and healthy competition.

Powered by batteries, it offers long-lasting entertainment without the need for cords or charging.

Sound and light button game, play with responsiveness; the product has a silent mode that can be selected too!

Suitable for ages 3+ (YES! It's suitable for both children and adults)

It's time to pop, play, and thrive!

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