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Sensory Evil Eye Deflection Ring (unisex)
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Prevent Nail Biting & Picking

Put an end to nail biting and picking. Our solution suits fidgety fingers, featuring a movable aspect for fidgety relief.

100% Stainless Steel (waterproof) 

Water proof and does not tarnish or stain your fingers. This ring features a unisex design that allows you to calm and center yourself through subtle textured sensorial stimulation.

Practice Mindfulness

Helps calm stressful situations while focussing on the movement and rotation of the ring in combination with slow and intentional breathing.

Toxin & Chemical Free

Discover the ideal medication-free solution: an anxiety relief ring, nail-friendly and toxin-free!

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What makes this different to other jewellery?

All our jewellery stands out due to its integrated movable or spinning feature. This design element serves as an effective tool for managing fidgeting, preventing nail biting, and reducing skin-related anxiety responses.

Does it actually work?

Absolutely! The innovative design of our anxiety relief rings is rooted in research-based principles of fidgeting management. By engaging the movable feature, users can redirect nervous energy, helping to alleviate the urge to bite nails or engage in harmful skin behaviors. This tactile solution has shown to be effective in promoting healthier habits and providing relief from anxiety-related tendencies.

Care Instructions

- keep away from any moisture

- remove before entering water

-allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing

- remove when active

- store in a dry and closed bag or box

- remove when sleeping

care instructions included in your parcel <3


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